Information About These Domain Names



Most of our domain names have been registered for a number of years waiting for it’s new owner. There is an advantage of having an aged domain name that has never been used. The major search engines including Google use age as a ranking factor for your website. There are over 200 ranking signals that search engines use to help identify which websites to place at the top of the search engine and keywords and age are just two of them. Popular ranking signals include social signals and trust.

Keywords are words that people type into the search engine to find what they are looking for. Keywords play a part in Search Engine Optimization so if someone is looking for Commercial Builders they might type in “commercial builders”.

As you can see from our extensive list, our domain names already give you two ranking signals which can help you in your mission to become the best business in your local area or even nationwide.

Aside from those advantages, having a premium domain name also sends a clear branding message. And for those businesses who wish to excel in their specialty, will find owning one of the names will help you gain the traction and trust your customers and clients come to expect from you.